Thursday, October 13, 2011

Art In Odd Places Pt 2

My weekend at Art In Odd Places had me come home with three pieces of art. None of these were purchased. That was one of the unique things about this event. The artists were gifting their art to those around. So, let me share my three new acquisitions with you.

First, is one I went hunting for. It was the Smiley Face Bag Project. The artist Nobu takes those "thank you have a nice day" plastic bags that you get at generic stores and turns them into a portrait of you.

When I saw him setting up early on Saturday I rushed over to him to see if I could get one done. Why? Because the concept made me smile! Yes, it's really that simple!

When I told him I was looking for him he said that he wanted me to be his first portrait. I also interviewed him because I thought he'd make a fun story for Monday morning since the festival was still going on Monday, and he did.

Here's the story I did....

And here is my Smiley portrait! I think I make an adorable smiley character!

The other pieces of art that I came home with from the event are ones that I found along my path. The first one is part of the TsaTsas project

Tsa-tsas are miniature versions of Buddhist stupas, or markers of sacred space. In Bhutan, where I bought the mold I use to make my tsatsas, they are usually produced in batches of 108, to mark an important occasion or intention, and then carefully placed around temples and natural landscapes as offerings. In setting out 108 tsatsas along 14th Street, I say: mindful attention to small features of the urban landscape is a catalyst for experiencing sacred space, and – more radically – for causing it to occur."

I found mine about 5 feet up....

There was also another one I found that was on a subway railing and that people were starting to knock over so I moved it to the spot that I taken mine from. For those of you who like art edition numbers... mine was 90/108

And my third piece of art was from the See Me Tell Me project. It was a small plastic box that had part of a picture looking out at you. The picture was one the artist took along that street. Here's a description –

"For this series hundreds of amazing New Yorkers were clandestinely photographed along 14th Street. Then 500 collages were created, incorporating their portraits into accordion-style “prayer” books, complete with gold paint, “rosary” beads, glitter, found papers and objects. These books were then placed, like relics, inside small clear plastic boxes backed by magnets. 50 of these works will be installed daily along 14th Street on scaffolds, signs, subway stations, and light poles, for passers-by to admire, take, and own."

I saw lot of them as I walked along

One of them struck me for some reason, so she came home with me.

She now sits on the desk where I work everyday right alongside the tsatsa

The one I have is #44 of 500.

In each of these projects the artist asks you to let them know which piece you picked up, where you found it, etc on their website, through e-mail or a blog. So I did.

I think that's really cool. Giving out the gift of your art and then finding out where it's found a new home and why.

It's got me thinking I need to get back into making little artistic pieces and perhaps some of mine will end up around town for people to take home!

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