Sunday, October 16, 2011

Art Guiding Me To More Art

I told you last week how the Art in Odd Places event send me home with three pieces of art. Well, one of them was from SeeMeTellMe. I started following her blog and found she was about to release another set of pieces of art to celebrate the Exquisite Corpse Festival. I had no idea what the festival was... but I wanted to see the pieces she put out and decide if one should follow me home.

The pieces had been placed on a fence outside the theater

There were 25 in all, and I am going to show you a close up of all of them, because it seems that when the rain came later in the afternoon they all disappeared... Either someone took them or tried to save them from the rain or something, but they are all gone...all but one...

When I say all but one disappeared that is because the one at the far end, the one flapped up in the breeze in the picture above, had a nice tribal feel and I went back later to take it home with me... that was not long before the clouds rolled in... This is the one I took it's 6/25....and perhaps the only one that made it out into the public. That really saddens me because they were really beautiful pieces that I think could have made a lot of people smile.

It now joins the other pieces of art I have collected recently on my desk that greet me every day.

Ok, so back to my arrival at the Richmond Shepherd Theater to see the art pieces. When I arrived there was someone else looking over them. It was Jason Tyne-Zimmerman. He just happens to be the Artistic Director and founder of the Exquisite Corpse Festival. He asked if I knew about it. I said no, but that I would like to, and got the run down....

The short version is it is an event where they take three artists using the same medium and have them collaborate on a project. Ok, collaborate may not be the right word. They don't get to see or know what the others are doing, for the most part, but have to create a part of the work... It's quite the unique concept.

And he showed me a taxidermy piece that illustrates the idea. It was.... well... I'll let you come up with a word yourself. I am not sure I had one... I give you the.... umm.... Durabboon????

I did say I was not a taxidermy and hunting fan, but I was told he understood, and was a vegetarian, but that these were all 'found 'pieces, meaning they were not hunted, but found dead.... and that made me feel a little better... but still... hmmm... I'm not sure what to think.

Anyways, after I stared in bewilderment at the Durabboon for a while he told me I should come back to the festival (which was NOT taxidermy, but all performing arts) one evening... which I did... but I'll give you that review later...


  1. I got one, too! Others from the Saturday night crowd had taken some, too! Most, I suspect, are in good hands. The rest, I believe, the owner of the building took.

  2. (I mean Thursday night crowd)

  3. Good to know! Last I had heard was that they had gone away and had not returned. I am glad to know they are being appreciated by others!!! They were really cool. Which one did you take?

  4. It's true...any of the ones that weren't taken on Thursday were removed (I think by the person who owns the building and not the storm.) but there were several that were taken throughout the day.

    I was lucky enough to get the rabbit, but when I went back to get the dinosaur/check on them from the rain the whole fence was cleared off.